Mosburg Bar&Grill is a Moscow burger with a nice “Serbian accent” located on the Arbat.

Why Serbian? Because we offer classic homemade burgers and several types of Serbian pleskavica.


It is a very tasty cutlet prepared from a mixture of chopped beef and pork according to traditional Serbian recipe.

Very tasty chicken, which is prepared from a mixture of beef and pork according to a traditional Serbian recipe.

The result is a quality product that has become very popular in Russia.

Moscow burger
Moscow burger

High-quality ingredients

Our Moscow burgers are prepared with only the freshest marble beef of Black Angus breed.

We basically do not use any semi-finished products. Everything is cooked by our own kitchen.

Sauces and marinades are also done by ourselves without any use of additives or preservatives.

We bake the burger buns several times a day, so they are always hot. We had been working on the recipe of the burger buns for they could taste like homemade and crispy.

We add a certain amount of potatoes into the dough for the buns, which gives them wonderful, homemade taste and that is our doubtless advantage before other Burgers in the capital.

Everything in Mosburg is homemade and very tasty!


Opening Mosburg and offering our Moscow burgers we want to break stereotype that burgers are just a fast food.

We are sure that even fast food can be very tasty and high quality.

We are welcoming all who loves plescavica, cevapcici and other Balkan specialties as well as those who love homemade burgers and a good judge of  “Black Angus Aberdin” beef.

We will be glad to see you among our guests. We have the best homemade burgers!

We always use only fresh meat and cook the best Moscow burgers!

Our address:

Moscow, street Arbat, 32.

Phone: 8 (495) 743-98-20  E-mail: mosburg@mail.ru

Burger Moosburg Bar & Grill is open daily from 11.00 to 23.00. We are the best Moscow burger!

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